CAhuita national park

Cahuita National Park is unique in Costa Rica for its close relationship with the community, an example of shared management between the community and government for a sustainable development at community level. Participation of park guards and community life stands out through a shared governance management.

Know the best preserved coral reef in the Costa Rican Caribbean area and enjoy the scenery, culture and cuisine offered in the area.

White sand beaches, turquoise a sea and a diverse marine life are some of the attractions that await for you in Cahuita National Park in the province of Limon.

In this ecosystem, nestled in the Caribbean but with forest environment, you will find species such as raccoons, sloths, iguanas and basilisks. You will also notice snakes like tinsel and tamagá, and birds like the black hawk.
Inside the park it is possible to perform recreational sports and hiking the trails, or simply enjoy the beaches swimming or sunbathing.

The park has the support of guides and tour operators of the community who have been trained by the National Training Institute (INA) and are accredited by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) to provide guidance and service to visitors.

There are bathrooms, showers and changing rooms, drinking water, information services, trained local guides, community lifeguards, and picnic areas. Parking in Sector Puerto Vargas. 

White sand beaches with safe areas for bathers enjoyment where you can perform beach activities.
Coral reef, with areas designed for snorkeling, where you can see a great variety of fishes and coral developed coral structures, where stands out cerebriforme coral, elkhorn coral, sea fan, french angelfish, queen angelfish, isabelita fish, cucumber sea, lobsters and turtles.
Trails along the coast where you can see: howler monkey, white-faced monkeys, sloths, toucans, coatis, trogon, night heron, tinsel snake, black hawk and basilisks.


Playa Blanca Sector:
Daily 6am – 5pm

Puerto Vargas Sector:
Daily 8am – 4pm


If you enter by Playa Blanca entrance, adjacent to the town of Cahuita, the fee is a voluntary contribution, in cash. Which will be invested in the community of Cahuita National Park.
If you enter by Puerto Vargas sector, non-resident foreigners pay $ 5 and domestic residents pay ¢ 1,000.

Credit card payments are accepted.

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